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  • From any activity, in any orientation Keep your preferred home screen Relay vs. Root

    Power Strip is a dock-like Android 2.1+ compatible home application. Thanks to the multi-tasking in Android, it can start from anywhere in any orientation and keep your current activity on the screen.

    To go back, simply click the back key on your phone or somewhere outside the Power Strip on your screen.

    Power Strip provides a easy way to access other home applications you already have.

    By setting Power Strip as your default home application and telling it which home application you prefer (in MENU->Preferences), you can instantly access that home screen by clicking the home key again when you are in the Power Strip, or quickly double click the home key when you are in other applications.

    If you don't want to set Power Strip as your default home app, you could use long pressing the search key to invoke it.

    Traditional home application is the root (of the task tree). If you want to go to any other trunk (task), you have to go back to the root and start over. It also cuts off your mind stream: the back key doesn't work there.

    Power Strip changes this. You can switch to anywhere from anywhere, and always be able to switch back.

    Moreover, Power Strip is fast and light. The strip will promptly respond to the home key even when it's not running in the back. For some phones, that means no more black-screen home loading when their users just want to click a shortcut.

  • Shortcut Panel Widget Strip Drag&Drop

    Power Strip comes with a panel to hold shortcuts; any item you can put on the home screen can be put here. An item could be a bookmark, an application entry, a contact, a direct dial, a playlist, a Gmail label, or any other shortcuts provided by other applications.

    The panel is vertically scrollable. You could scroll up/down to find the shortcut you need.

    Sometimes you want a little control, say turning on the GPS in Maps, Power Strip and 3rd party widgets could help you finish such task without your jumping out the active applicaiton.

    By adding widgets to the bottom strip, you can easily access them by clicking their icons. You could scroll (left/right) through the strip to find the one you need.

    To reorganize your shortcut panel or widget strip, simply long press an icon to pick it up and drop it in the new place you want it to be.

    If the destination is somewhere beyond the current viewport, drag your icon to the top/bottom border of the panel (left/right border of the strip) and hold it there; the container will automatically scroll.

  • Context Menu Share right on the app QR code

    Power Strip offers a context menu based on your current activity. Simply long press outside the Power Strip to bring it out. Or, click the "Context" in MENU.

    The context menu makes application sharing so much easier. You can send a market link to your friend right on the app and get back as soon as you finished.

    Power Strip provides a QR code generator (using Google Chart Tools). Show your current app's market link directly to your friends.

    *It's Intuitit's Timer in the screenshots. *Since Android 2.2 is not officially out, some options are not well supported and hence hidden.

  • You get the idea

  • Power Strip is a paid application on Android Market for


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    For questions about Power Strip, please visit its Google Moderator page.

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